What if you could make the silence of the engine disappear from your car collection with a sole flick of your fingers? What if you could show them to those who admire you and hide them from those who envy you just with a single click? What if you could also surprise them with a touch of magic? Yes, magic.

For us, as for you, the traditional does not compete with progress or innovation. What’s more, it is the origin, the germ to transform everything while maintaining what matters most to us: what excites you.

With our newly designed Pivot Wall, automated flush garage door, we look even further to the future. We have managed to change the perspective with which you look at your cars.

We wanted to be more innovative in exterior and interior design. And we have succeeded. Pivot Wall demonstrates that new engineering can be incorporated into design while preserving the essence of the past.

Maintaining the perfect proportions, we have achieved that the door’s interior is flat, and all the mechanism and motors are integrated within it. A solution that preserves the aesthetics of the façade as a whole, offering thermal and acoustic insulation for doors up to 18 meters. All with a click or manual, for you who appreciate the artisan.