David and I have known each other for many years. Specifically, everything started in the distant 2001 (that of the space odyssey). At that time, David worked as an R&D engineer in a well-known Spanish formwork and scaffolding company. I was a signing from the mobile telephone industry world, where I helped develop the first Spanish 3G antennas.

Previously and in parallel to my training as an engineer, I spent many years collaborating in a centre attached to the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (the CDEI). There I was in charge of the numerical simulation by finite of resistant elements. As a result of those years, thanks to the outstanding performance of Dr Riba, my passion for mechanics was born and the desire to be able to develop exciting projects on my own.

This is how I started a long and close collaboration with David that could be described as fruitful. The company that hired us obtained dozens of patents that are still in force today and allowed us to learn more about our trade every day. When I refer to trade, I want to highlight skills and technical knowledge, and everything related to achieving a good performance in the profession.

One of the most essential points, to name a few, would be the knowledge of suppliers and collaborators in whom to trust (because let’s not fool ourselves, without a solid and well-matched team, it is impossible to come to fruition).

The years passed, and each time our function within the company began to occupy broader aspects of the service. We were in charge of being on the sector’s regulatory committees, serving clients, exploring new foreign markets … The time was beginning to design a broader plan for our ambitions.

It is difficult to put a date at the beginning of Birkigt. Around 2006, people close to us began to make us personal commissions, which resulted from a good reputation in our profession’s performance. Expectations were met, and this began to become an occupation that we liked very much and which we saw possibilities to grow as soon as we were able to take on larger projects.

When the 2007 crisis began, and due to the sector, we were dedicated to, our work and fun volume plummeted. It was time to look for alternatives to boredom and the lack of professional incentives. Birkigt started off.

The excellent relationship with the company in which we had worked for so many years allowed us to continue collaborating with them, part-time, in developing their products. We spent the next several years designing large mobile structures for speciality formwork and starting to create the essential Birkigt product portfolio, hoping that our customers would like them as much as we were excited about them. Once all this was decided, we legally constituted the company in 2010.