My love for technology in general and mechanics, in particular, led me to undertake the construction of small “inventions” when I was a teenager. Shortly after, I realised the convenience of professionalising the matter a bit if I didn’t want to cause victims … That is why I decided to study Industrial Engineering with a specialisation in Mechanics.

At the end of my degree, I was on an internship contract in a small engineering company owned by one of my university professors. In 1998 I started as an R&D engineer in one of the largest formwork companies nationwide. Four years later, when the Technical Director retired, I directed the R&D, Structural Calculation and Work Projects Departments. Between 2003 and 2005, I expanded my training by studying a Master in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Equipment.

In that company, I found a fantastic group of professionals, with some of whom I still maintain an excellent friendship. Among these, my partner, Santiago, stood out for his professional capacity, creativity, and ease to collaborate in the complicated phases of product creation.

We designed products of all kinds for this company, from very economical pieces manufactured in annual series that exceeded one million units to unique, custom-made formwork, weighing tens of tons and moving on rails with hydraulic propulsion. We also participate in the industrialisation of these large series, which gave us experience in industrial automation.

On the other hand, we had to form part of the Technical Committees for the Standardisation of our product and give informative talks related to safety in formwork and scaffolding, one of the company’s strengths for which we worked.

After a straight line always comes a curve. After a climb comes a descent, especially in the construction sector. Luck (more than inspiration, in this case) surprised us at work. After a couple of casual commissions related to the application of engineering in high-end homes, we opted to turn that luck into a profession. Thus, was born Birkigt.

We have not abandoned the formwork yet. We continue to collaborate closely with the company where we worked. Equally, we have not left the desire to learn, innovate, improve, and continue growing.